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I’m Sophie, the face behind WildMind. Why am I here, writing this blog? And why are you here, reading it? In some way we’re all seeking that ultimate answer to that ultimate question aren’t we? If such an answer does indeed exist.

In May 2018 I quit my steady, stable secure job to live life more adventurously and make a living doing the work I love. I haven’t exactly figured out what that is yet, but I’m having a lot of fun along the way, and maybe sharing it will inspire anyone who feels just as stuck and stagnated as I once did.

This blog is about the things that make me feel the most alive; adventure, meditation, nature, travelling and yoga*. You can find me up mountains, in meditation retreats, hurtling down hills on my bicycle, and increasingly trying to give something back to the communities I’m travelling through.

You can also find me staring at my laptop agonising over my rather enthusiastic use of semi-colons. Travel writing isn’t all glamorous afterall. I’m available to write blogs and articles, so if you like what you read do get in touch.

Thank you for showing up and I hope you feel inspired to get exploring your own wilderness!

With love,

*(and science, but shhh, I didn’t use the S word)

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